How do you practice a therapy typically reliant on touch while being socially distant? Following the core principle of CranioSacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release, that within each of our bodies is a remarkable potential for self-healing, this unique approach to bodywork was born using body-mind centering techniques to curb anxiety, ease pain and promote grounded awareness during this unprecedented time. Sessions are 50 minutes via Zoom (and/or phone) and begin with a supportive consultation about symptoms, goals and history. The ‘bodywork’ portion often starts with a guided body scan and breath work as clients are navigated through sensations, ideas and images that arise from tuning in to their body. Dialogue techniques with our body parts and inner parts of self are used to unearth stored tensions and emotions, with suggestions from the practitioner about subtle movements, placing of the clients own hands on their body, direction of energy via the practitioner as well as client, and visualization techniques. (Cameras can be turned off during this portion to help the client feel most relaxed.) When using these somatic methods collectively, they have a surprisingly profound ability to steady the nervous system, calm the mind and allow an individual to become more at peace with oneself — even without the practitioner being present! We conclude with a short discussion to discuss what came forward during the bodywork and suggestions (and if needed, demonstrations) for self-care practices. A detailed follow up email follow up will include a detailed summary of your session as well as individualized recommendations from your practitioner.


Testimonials from clients who have experienced Virtual Somatic Bodywork:

“I had been seeing Dawn for months before the pandemic and I’m so grateful that she was able to continue our sessions virtually. I increased the frequency of our sessions because they are so valuable, and even though we currently can’t meet in person, Dawn is just as effective in releasing trapped emotions from the body, alleviating pain, anxiety management, and basically any and all problems I throw at her. If you want to improve your overall physical and mental well-being, connect with your body’s ability to heal, and find a trusted, professional, gifted healer, look no further.” Stephanie H.

“I have found that the online video or phone call experience has helped my body and mind during the close downs of the pandemic and I have found peace and comfort in reconnecting with my body after a long period of having paused with craniosacral therapy. “ Darren S.

“Once Covid-19 hit and we were unable to continue meeting in person, we transitioned to meeting weekly over Zoom. It’s hard for me to describe what a powerful impact these sessions have had on my well-being during this difficult time. Even over Zoom, Dawn created a warm, safe, and caring environment where we continued to explore why certain parts of my body hold tension. It has reinforced the idea that our bodies truly know how to heal themselves. I highly recommend both her in-person bodywork and her virtual sessions.” Rachel B.


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