Silin Cowles, LMT, CD

Specializing in Arvigo/Maya Abdominal Massage and Bach Flower Essences

Silin is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Doula and Bach Flower Essence Practitioner. In practice since 2009, she has studied pre and post natal massage extensively and, recognizing the tremendous need for additional holistic support through all stages of the birthing process from fertility to postpartum, she has continued to specialize in this area. Originally becoming a DONA Certified Doula, she then pursued advance study in Arvigo Therapy (Maya Abdominal Massage) in Taleggio, Italy in 2014.
While her original draw to Arvigo was to assist women with infertility, as she continued to weave this specialty into her massage practice, she recognized that the work can have profound effects for all genders in areas from IBS to endometriosis, and a long list of other pelvic and digestive health concerns, as well as balance for the entire body. She also enjoys that the stystem of Arvigo is based on self-treatment, meaning that she spends time educating each client how to treat themselves, rather becoming completely reliant on others for their well-being.
At Haven, Silin offers therapeutic massage (a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu and other styles based on client need), pre-natal massage and Arvigo Therapy. Regardless of the type session, Silin’s compassionate and healing energy helps to let her clients know they are truly being cared for. She uses thorough consultation to ensure the session will be built around the main concerns of her client, and you can feel that her touch is both educated and patient. While she sometimes uses deeper pressure, she gradually finds the areas of holding in the body without excessive force and works through points of tension and stress. Silin is especially passionate about Arvigo Therapy sessions, where a longer intake helps to reveal underlying patterns of disharmony in the body. As Arvigo sessions can often bring up emotions and concerns that are causing symptoms, Silin is able to hold space for her clients during session, and guide them towards relief. As educating clients for self-treatment is an integral part of Arvigo Therapy, Silin makes sure clients are prepared with everything they need to continue the work on their own.
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