Silin Cowles, LMT, CD

Specialized in Arvigo Therapy (Maya abdominal massage), Silin brings many years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Doula to all sessions. Her caring and inquisitive nature allow clients’ personalities and needs to be at the center of their treatment; correcting misalignment, removing restrictions, and promoting relaxation while feeling supported in a meaningful way.

Who should see Silin?
Areas of Speciality and Types of Conditions Treated

  • Pre and Postnatal care
  • Digestive and gut health issues
  • Pelvic and eproductive health concerns such as fertility, endometriosis or prostate conditions
  • Neck, back and other muscular pain

What to Expect in a Session:
Silin starts each session with thorough consultation to ensure the treatment is built around your unique concerns. This is especially true of Arvigo therapy sessions, in which a longer intake helps to reveal underlying patterns of disharmony in the body. 

With a knowledgeable, patient and compassionate touch, Silin blends Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, Arvigo therapy and other modalities to offer customized treatment to fit your needs. During a massage session, the areas of holding in your body are pinpointed with personalized levels of pressure as Silin skillfully works through points of tension and stress, easing you into a deep state of relaxation that leaves you feeling renewed.

Arvigo therapy with Silin treats symptoms that are often linked to underlying stressors, which can make for a poignant, sometimes emotional, session. Rest assured that Silin holds space for any emotional release and will help guide you toward relief. After your session, she’ll make sure you’re prepared with the knowledge and confidence to continue this work on your own, promoting clients’ ability to take charge of their own well-being, as self-treatment is one of the tenants of Arvigo care.

More about Silin:
Silin has practiced as a licensed massage therapist since 2009. She serves as a doula, as well, receiving her DONA certification after extensive studies in pre- and postnatal massage led her to realize the tremendous need for holistic support throughout the birthing process, from fertility to postpartum.

In 2014, she pursued advanced study in Arvigo Therapy (Maya Abdominal Massage) in Taleggio, Italy. While originally drawn to Arvigo to assist women with infertility, she recognizes that this work can profoundly affect all gender identities in areas of pelvic and digestive health, IBS and endometriosis while promoting balance throughout the body. 

How to Schedule with Silin:
Arvigo Therapy: Initial, Follow-up and massage combo sessions
Therapeutic Massage: 60m Initial or Follow-up sessions
Pre and Postnatal Massage: Initial or Follow-up sessions

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