Cynthia Ruse, LMT, MCLC

Cynthia an experienced Licenced Massage Therapist and CranioSacral Therapist focused on supporting and fostering the mind-body connection. Cynthia offers a devoted sense of compassionate care to each session, while combining several modalities to relieve holding patterns and release stored emotions and experiences.

*Please note – Cynthia is currently on a waiting list for new clients. If you would like to have a complimentary phone consultation with Cynthia to be either added to her waiting list or be referred to another therapist, please reach out to us.

Who should see Cynthia?
Areas of Speciality and Types of Conditions Treated

  • Neck, back and other muscular pain and tension
  • Injuries with symptoms such as limited range of motion, trigger points or spasms
  • Nervous system support
  • Treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and overall emotional well-being
  • Prenatal and Postpartum care
  • Life transitions/transformation, major losses or other life-changing events
  • Support for addiction and recovery

What to expect in a session:
Cynthia approaches each client with the intention of providing relief from holding patterns and postures in which certain experiences, energies, and emotions are stored. During massage sessions, she provides a therapeutic experience beginning with a flowing warm-up of tissue, then working with more corrective techniques such as acupressure, deep tissue, trigger-point, and myofascial release. When appropriate, she will include focused energy work and chakra rebalancing to assist your body in achieving balance.

In CranioSacral Therapy and SER sessions, she helps to calm the nervous system with gentle, grounding support. Allowing the tissue to unwind at its own pace, she follows the queues from the client’s system to allow stored emotions and traumas to release from the tissue. Where SER is appropriate, she offers compassionate guidance to help her clients learn how to hear more from the inner wisdom of their body. Using acupuncture meridian unwinding techniques, she helps clients to leave treatment with a sense of harmony. Cynthia provides a decompression period post session where she may offer lifestyle recommendations based on what came up on the table and be sure clients’ leave the session feeling empowered to continue their healing journey.

More About Cynthia:
Cynthia has been practicing as a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years. She’s worked in a diverse array of settings, from renowned New York City spas to more specialized practices like HAVEN. Since first studying at the Swedish Institute, Cynthia has followed a path of continuing education in a wide range of modalities, including pre- and postnatal massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Reiki therapy, and life coaching. More recently, she’s been particularly inspired by her training in acupuncture meridian unwinding with Ken Koles. Utilizing these advanced studies and years in practice, Cynthia comes to each treatment with the philosophy that healing is achieved most fully when working with a client’s pace and permission top of mind.

Cynthia also feels strongly about supporting those with socio-economic restrictions and participates in our financial hardship program. Outside of the treatment room, Cynthia is a mother and working artist with a MFA from Hunter college. She has exhibited in many cities around the world, recently as an artist in residence on Governer’s Island.

How to schedule with Cynthia:
CranioSacral Therapy: Initial and Follow-up sessions
Somato-Emotional Release Focused CST: Initial and Follow-up sessions
Intra-oral/TMJ focused CST: Initial and Follow-up sessions
Pre and Post Natal CST or Massage: Initial or Follow-up sessions
Therapeutic Massage: 60, 75 or 90m Initial or Follow-up sessions

Schedule with Cynthia