Open Letter to Our Current & Future Clients re: Vaccination Policy

Sept 13th, 2021
As holistic healthcare practitioners, we deeply relate to the idea of being cautious about what we put in our bodies. We also believe that every human deserves the opportunity for quality care, and strive to be the kind of non-judgemental, supportive providers that help to fill the gaps of our traditional medical system. For these reasons and more, it has not been a simple decision weighing how to keep our clients, families, children and selves as safe as possible while providing hands-on sessions as the pandemic rages on. However, for our small, collective business model, it has become clear that the only feasible path forward (and likely, what will become a state mandate for ours and similar services in the near future) is to require proof of up-to-date covid vaccination for all staff and clients beginning Sept. 13th.
We understand that this stance can feel polarizing for some, but we hope to lend a compassionate ear for anyone who may remain uncertain about vaccination. As bodywork and holistic healthcare professionals, we have a heads up in understanding anatomy and physiology, and took the time to educate ourselves on vaccination earlier on in this process. Having been vaccinated ourselves, treated clients with long-haul covid, and recognizing the unparalleled threat to children who cannot currently vaccinate as variations continue to mutate, we believe that vaccination is safe, effective, and our moral obligation being in close contact with clients. Vaccination is not perfect, but knowing that we and the clients we work on are both vaccinated will ensure we are fulfilling our moral obligations to serve and protect all of you as best we can. We have been/will continue to work with active clients who are not vaccinated to provide educational resources to help absolve fears, or if we cannot, make suggestions for continuity of care.
For those with current and future appointments, we will be checking proof of vaccination thru the Excelsior app, NYC CovidSafe app or a photo of your vaccine card, whichever is preferable for you. You will be asked some basic covid screening questions when filling out your intake paperwork, and to commit to letting us know about any travel, symptoms or covid exposure as it comes up.
We thank you for your understanding and commitment to your own health and doing your part to end this pandemic once and for all.
In Health,
Dawn Philips, Founder/Managing Director of HAVEN

HAVEN’s full list of protocols for COVID-19 prevention:

  • For those new to the space, it may be helpful to know our office is low-traffic and one-on-one with your practitioner; there is no receptionist or additional staff.
  • We have multiple windows, fans and HEPA+UVc air filtration systems in every room to ensure circulation and air purification.
  • All of our practitioners are Fully Vaccinated.
  • Every client is required to show proof of vaccination and fill out our covid-screening questionnaire.
  • Everyone entering the space is required to have a mask or appropriate face covering. These must be worn throughout sessions/treatments. Disposable masks are available for anyone who does not have one or needs a replacement.
  • We ask upon entering the office each person immediately wash their hands and have a sign up on the front door for this reminder.
  • We have completed our ‘Business Affirmation’ registered with the state, and you can review our NY Forward ReOpening Safety Plan.
  • Our sanitization process includes regular:
    • Disinfecting of hard surfaces including treatment table, face cradle, doorknobs, light switches, etc.
    • Using UVc light sanitization on non-hard surfaces
    • Laundering (as always) single use items such as sheets, blankets, pillow cases, etc.
    • Hand sanitizer stations available in every room.