Kristin Swiat

Kristin Swiat has been a licensed massage therapist since 2010, when she completed her training at The Swedish Institute in NYC. Her interest in bodywork came through movement and her background in modern dance. She received her BFA from Juilliard in 2003 and went on to dance professionally in Europe before returning to NY to pursue her interests in the healing arts. Kristin is also trained in CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, as well as Focusing, Pilates and most recently, has entered her advanced year of study in Somatic Experiencing, the trauma-informed work of Peter Levine. Her goal is to use this collective knowledge to help clients connect more deeply with their bodies and their innate capacity to heal. Outside of her practice as a bodyworker, she continues her art practice as a lifelong dancer and has a deep love of nature and farming. She is originally from the Shawangunk Mountains of New York state, lived for many years in Europe and is developing a connection to New Mexico where she frequently goes to farm.

What to expect in a session?
Kristin hopes to cultivate a safe and non-judgemental space for individuals to be in a state of contemplative curiosity and presence with yourself, to bring awareness to your body and its connections to your emotions. Through her blend of practices, she allows clients to create a deeper relationship with themselves, a greater resilience in difficult times, and a chance to let their body soften and unwind the patterns that keep them stuck in pain and states of stress.

In massage sessions, Kristin enjoys incorporating the specificity of therapeutic massage with an energetic and intuitive approach. She uses techniques such as acupressure, trigger point release, myofascial release, active release techniques, stretching and breathwork to address a client’s particular pain and injury. She connects with the client’s tissue with listening hands to follow the needs of their body in the moment and allow for a gradual pace without the need for too much heavy force to create soreness, and a better long term result. She gives suggestions for embodied practices during her sessions to help the people she works with to connect more deeply with their bodies and their innate capacity to heal.

In CranioSacral sessions, Kristin connects more directly with the client’s nervous system and uses this gentler approach to meet similar goals. Her CST sessions are usually quiet and allow her clients for an introspective journey as their system works itself through a profound reset.

Kristin may also incorporate Somatic Experiencing before or during her sessions when appropriate. This talk-based somatic modality allows clients to prepare their body, internal wisdom and psyche for the treatment and achieve a more mindful and impactful session.

To schedule with Kristin:
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CranioSacral Therapy –  book as Initial Visit CST or follow up CST if you’ve been to Haven before
Somatic Experiencing (within their Massage or CST appointment) – book as a 90m Massage (Initial or Follow Up) or CranioSacral Therapy Initial Visit or Extended Follow Up and add a note your interest in SE

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